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Absorbent Arthroscopy Mats

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The Best Absorbent Arthroscopy Mats

Big & Thirsty Absorbent Arthroscopy Mats were created by two experienced orthopedic equipment representatives who saw the need after decades of seeing first-hand the challenges in the operating room. Working with highly-regarded surgeons to create the best solution, the Big & Thirsty team created these highly absorbent surgical mats that are ideal for orthopedic, gynecological and urological cases.


Our mats provide a high-grip, no-slip experience, which is critical for both patients and medical staff to have the safest, most reliable surgical environment possible. Big & Thirsty mats are highly absorbent while also cushioned, and truly deliver a best-in-class solution to collect excessive operating room fluids. Click here to learn more.

Key Features

Industrial Grade

Industrial grade material with high absorbency properties


Comfortable for long hours of standing


Cushioned non-slip workspace for surgical staff


Durable and easy to handle


Hi-grip backing ensures mat “stays put” once positioned


Impermeable backing prevents fluid from leaching through to the floor


Compact felt absorbent does not bunch up and facilitates rolling casters

Low Profile

Low profile design does not pose a trip hazard

Highly Absorbent

No need to use blankets, sheets, towels, or other thick obstructive materials
Surgical Mats

Surgical Mats for Every Procedure

Big & Thirsty Absorbent Arthroscopy Mats are available in a broad range of sizes, and can be combined together based on unique operating room configurations that will best meet the needs of surgeons and the medical team.

Small Surgical Floor Mats


30″ x 35″
Medium Surgical Mats


60″ x 35″
Large Surgical Mats


60″ x 45″
Extra Large Absorbent Arthroscopy Mats


60″ x 55″
Right Shoulder Surgical Floor Mats

Left Shoulder

76″ x 60″
Left Shoulder Surgical Mats

Right Shoulder

76″ x 60″